Moles on Face - Meaning, Causes and Treatment

Moles on Face – Meaning, Causes and Treatment

Mole is the concentration of melanocytes on the skin. Moles can occur in any part of the body. Sometimes it can be benign and neutral. Sometimes it can be cancerous and give rise to Melanoma.

Having a mole on the face can sometimes be unpleasing to look at. While many people consider this to be a ‘beauty spot’, the attitude does not remain the same for the moles bigger in size. So one may consider treating the moles on face. Fortunately, there are now many ways to treat the problem once and for all. “Moles on Face – Meaning, Causes and Treatment”

In this article, we tell you the reasons why moles on face appear. We also describe what measures you can take to remove the unwanted blackish spot that hampers your outlook.

Moles on face meaning:

From a different perspective- Well, it might not sound as scientific as the discussions up to now. According to Chinese ideas, moles on different parts of the body indicate different matters. The moles can be on the forehead, chin, cheek, nose and different areas. They can bear different meanings according to Chinese ideas, like-

  • Having moles on the forehead denotes one of these: being an overly sensitive person, having resources, happy future, good luck, etc.
  • Moles on eyebrows tell one of these: being pessimistic, being studious, having a creative mind, etc.
  •  Moles on the nose denote one of the mentioned ones: constant problems, finding financial problems, etc.
  •  Moles on chin denotes: being very conservative, enjoying life, fame, and glory and so on.
  •  Moles on cheeks suggest: being sentimental, being wasteful, decrease in wealth, etc.
  •  Moles on ears tell: being rational, being emotional.

Even the shape and color of the mole’s matter according to Chinese ideas. Like, around mole tells of good wealth. Oblong moles denote modest sharing of wealth. Angular mole denotes that you have both positive and negative characteristics.
From the perspective of color, dark color denotes food and dull or grey color denotes bad.
Moles in males and moles in females have different meanings too according to Chinese ideas.
Well, whatever might be the case, the face readings might not prove scientific.


For moles on faces, we can list some matters, like

  • The genetic makeup of a person
  • Excessive exposure to the sunlight
  • Natural aging process

And so on.

These factors influence the melanocytes to produce melanin. Melanin is produced normally in the skin and distributed normally. It helps to keep the skin healthy. But talking about the factors mentioned, they cause melanin to grow together in a clustered manner. Hence, a darker shade appears, and that results in a mole.

As the face is more exposed to sunlight, it is likely to have moles. Well, such appearance of the mole can be called acquired mole. Congenital moles, the moles present since birth, might not appear because of sunlight, but for genetic causes.


Moles can be treated in medical ways. You can apply some home remedies to get rid of moles on faces, but they are not verified.

Medical ways include—

  • Punch Biopsy

The punch biopsy is usually done to gather a sample of the mole and examine it to see if it is cancerous. In punch biopsy, a small part of the skin is removed to make a further study on it.

A sharp cutting tool is used to bring out the tube piece of skin and then the dermatologist examines the skin under the microscope.

The procedure might take about 10 to 15 minutes.

The mole removal surgery cost can take from $150 to $300.

  • Shave Excision

Here the mole is removed using a sharp razor or an electrode. When the skin growth is unwanted, you can have shave excision.

The procedure includes applying anesthesia on the targeted zone and using a sharp razor to take out the mole.

The doctor may apply aluminum hydroxide hexahydrate to stop bleeding. Some electrosurgical feathering the doctor can do with electrodes to edge the wound.

The wound usually takes about a week to heal. It might take $400 per mole, including surgery cost, doctor’s fee, and histology cost.

  • Excision surgery

In this surgery, a margin will be drawn around the expected cut object. The doctor will make an elliptical margin. It will create a scar, but that will look better at least than a circle. The mole will be taken out, the wound will be stitched.

Having such surgery to remove moles on faces might prove complicated.

The price to pay is between $80 and $220.

  • Cryotherapy

This is relatively a new method of treatment where the intended area is frozen and then the treatment goes on. The technique can also be applied in mole removal.

The doctor freezes the mole area with liquid nitrogen. It will make tissues destructible. Then the mole is removed within just a few minutes.

The price to pay may take $500 and more per mole.

  • Laser treatment

It includes the use of the laser to burn the mole and remove it. Class 4 grade medical lasers are the most effective. In some places, Syneron Candela CO2RE fractional CO2 is used. It is relatively painless because there is no need for suturing the skin. Only applying anesthesia might hurt a bit.

The cost might be about £275.

  • Electrocoagulation

The doctor will use an electrocoagulator. It controls the frequency and the intensity of the electricity to be used in the treatment. The steel loop at the tip of the device heats up to necessary temperature and burns the mole area. The doctor will apply local anesthesia beforehand.

Depending on the mole size, the price may be $130 to $360.

Home remedies include the application of natural ingredients, like-

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Pineapples
  • Iodine
  • Castor oil
  • Aloe vera

In most cases, the procedure is more or less the same. Apply the mentioned ingredients in the moles on faces.

Is there any side effect?

Doing things in the right way is not likely to pave the way for developing side effects. Yet, maybe someone has sensitive skin or any other problem, and so might face some side effects. The most common ones include –

  • Pain
  • Scars
  • Infection

According to some, the area of the face that is treated should be kept clean with water or diluted hydrogen peroxide. Leaving the area in open air might prove helpful. Wearing sun protection is advised.