Moles on Eye-Meaning, Causes & Treatment

Moles on Eye – Meaning, Causes & Treatment

Moles can be of many types. That dark spot created by the concentration of melanocytes, the pigments containing melanin, can be anywhere on the body. But you may consider them ridiculous to appear on your eyes. You might even feel scared, as the eyes are very sensitive organs, and anything on them can be considered potentially harmful. “Moles on Eye”

But with the information we have by the dint of modern scientific researches, we have known that most of the ‘moles’ or nevi on the eyes are not as harmful as you think. Rather, the cancerous ones, like the cancerous ones appearing on any other part of the body, can be harmful. Today, that is not to be feared about, because technology has gone ahead to cure them.

In this article, we talk about the moles on eye. We talk about the causes they appear the ways to treat them. But before all, let us try to know some interesting ideas about moles on eye.

Moles on Eye: From a Chinese Astrological Perspective

Moles can be on the eyes as well as the areas around the eyes. According to Chinese ideas, they can mean different things for different locations.

There are also good moles and bad moles. Good moles have red or dark black in color. Bad moles are gray, yellowish or brown; also might be of mixed colors. Better than the red moles are exposed while the black ones remain hidden.

Mole on eyebrow tells of good luck for wealth. It also denotes having a long life. The people having such moles may be characterized as being serious, responsible, talented in show business, etc. The good mole suggests that others will help you. The bad mole says the opposite.

Moles between the eyebrows, if they are good, say that the future will have a grand career. Bad moles say something terrible, like serious emotional or marital mishaps.

Mole on upper eyelid suggests freedom. That also means the person might not have any fixed place to stay. The good mole tells that the person can change bad luck to good. The bad mole says that resisting the superior to that person will not prove good.

Moles on lower eyelid says that the love relationship may face some setbacks. The person having such moles might also face problems regarding children after marriage. Good mole suggests many children, including grandchildren.

Mole on the outer corner of the eye suggests that the person is very charming. With the opposite sex, the person will have good luck, and this is not temporary, but permanent. The relationship might hamper a bit after the first marriage.

Well, these are ancient Chinese readings. We can’t say for sure if they are really true or not. Yet and yes, they are interesting.

Nevi, Freckles & their Causes

Inside the eye, the mole is formed with the concentration of melanocytes. Taking birth with such moles on eye is usually harmless. But the moles developing later in life might have some risk of being cancerous.

Eye freckles or mole-like spots can be of some types:

  • Conjunctival nevus, that appears on the clear film called conjunctiva covering the eyeball. It has colors like yellow, brown, etc. if it grows larger, it might be checked to see if it has grown to cancer.
  • Iris freckles, that appears on the iris of the eye. Iris is the colored part of the eye. They are usually harmless.
  • Iris nevi, they are dark. they are a bit larger than freckles. They usually grow on a part of the iris called stroma and are not harmful.
  • Choroidal nevus formed under the retina. Retina lies inside the eye. It cannot be seen directly. It may be of different colors. The doctor may consider it having melanoma, if symptoms, like raising, orange colored or leaking fluid, are seen.

Doctors can’t say why such moles appear on the eye, but they point out some factors like genetic matters and exposure to the sun. It is commonly known that any area of the body exposed more in the sunlight is likely to develop moles.


Without having melanoma, usually, the moles are harmless. You may not think to use tools on the eyes as the eyes are very sensitive. If the moles are not affecting vision or changing in appearance, the moles are good to go.

A procedure called iodine-125 brachytherapy can be used if anybody really wants to remove the moles on eye. Here, a plaque is inserted, laid directly on the mole. It is kept for some times and then removed. The doctor keeps them under monitoring for some time to come.

Treating the moles on the eyelids or inside the eyelids can be difficult, as it is near to the eyeball. Laser treatment can be used to get rid of the moles. But it has costs and side effects like pain and scarring. The moles that are blocking the vision can be removed through surgery.

Well, oil therapy is there for the moles not so close to the eye. It is a gentle procedure of careful application of the oil on the moles and keeps doing it until the moles go away.

These were some medical ways to treat the moles. Natural treatments, as they include applying the ingredient (processed or not processed) on the mole area, it is usually for the moles around the eye. Because applying them on the eyeball might prove harmful.

Natural treatments include the application of apple cider vinegar, pineapple, garlic, onion, grapefruit juice, honey, etc.

Consult a doctor

There might be some cases when you need to see the doctor. If the freckle or mole is changing shape, it is better to see the doctor. Some other reasons might include:

  • Eye pain
  • Seeing flashing lights
  • Vision change

If things get serious, it shows a chance of having melanoma.


You can take some precautions to protect the eyes. That includes wearing sunglasses while being outside. It might, if not fully, prevent Ultra Violet rays from the sun affect your eyes.