Mole Removal Surgery Cost

Mole Removal Surgery Cost

You might want to remove moles because they are harmful (like being cancerous) or just because they don’t look good. Whatever might be the cause, you do have opportunities to get what you want. The technology has gone that far.“Mole Removal Surgery Cost”

What you can find in the online about the mole removal techniques, you can divide them broadly under two categories. One is the medical way, another is the home remedy. And each of the methods has its costs.

For home remedy method, you just have to buy the ingredients and apply them in the right manner. For that, you might want to spend between $10 and $40. But point to be noted, the home remedies surely take a lot from your time. It doesn’t concern any bleeding, but it acts slowly.

So you might want to switch to medical methods. There, you have to think about the right procedure for your moles. You also have to keep some bucks in your wallet.

Different places charge different amounts. But having an idea about the range can help you take a decision. In this article, we talk about them i.e. mole removal surgery cost. Inside surgery, we also have included the methods that take no bleeding to implement.

Punch Biopsy

It is a type of skin biopsy. Before taking action, the dermatologist will look at the skin tag carefully so that it can be understood if it is benign or cancerous.

In a skin biopsy, a small part of the skin is removed to make a further study on it. A sharp cutting tool is used to bring out the tube piece of skin and then the dermatologist examines the skin under the microscope. The procedure might take about 10 to 15 minutes.

The mole removal surgery cost can take from $150 to $300.

Shave Excision

Here the mole is removed using a sharp razor or an electrode. When the skin growth is unwanted, you can have shave excision.

The procedure is like this-

  • The doctor will inject a numbing anesthetic in the mole area.
  • A sharp razor will then be used to remove the growth. The patient may feel a little pressure, but no pain.
  • Next, the doctor removes the mole totally, and apply antibiotic ointment and sterile bandage.

The doctor may apply aluminum hydroxide hexahydrate to stop bleeding. Some electrosurgical feathering the doctor can do with electrodes to edge the wound.

The wound usually takes about a week to heal. It might take $400 per mole, including mole removal surgery cost, doctor’s fee, and histology cost.

Excision surgery

It is like the shave excision but in a broader sense. It also called ‘wide excision’. Elliptical excision is the most commonly performed surgery.

In this surgery, a margin will be drawn around the expected cut object. The doctor will an elliptical margin. It will create a scar, but that will look better at least than a circle. The mole will be taken out, the wound will be stitched.

Excision in some parts of the body, including the face, ear, scalp, foot, fingers, etc. might be a bit complex. But yes, an experienced dermatologist can handle the difficulties well.

There are some risks to the procedure. Possible complications of excision can be-

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Incision re-opening
  • Nerve damage
  • Reaction to the numbing medication (anesthetic) or sutures

You must consult a doctor if you face any problem.

Mole removal surgery cost might be between $80 and $220.


This is relatively a new method of treatment where the intended area is frozen and then the treatment goes on. The technique can also be applied in mole removal.

The doctor freezes the mole area with liquid nitrogen. It will make tissues destructible. Then the mole is removed within just a few minutes.

Some side effects might occur, like swelling of the skin, a slight difference between colors of the mole area and the other parts of the body, blister formation, etc. It might take about a week to heal the area completely.

At the time of healing, you must ensure that the treated area is gently washed daily and kept uncovered. If any crust is formed, you might use petroleum jelly or Vaseline. For any problem that you can’t handle, call the doctor.

A single male removal surgery costing cryotherapy can take $500 and more. The cost depends on the size, location, and shape of the mole.

Laser treatment

It includes the use of a laser to burn the mole and remove it. Class 4 grade medical lasers are the most effective. In some places, Syneron Candela CO2RE fractional CO2 is used. It is relatively painless because there is no need for suturing the skin. Only applying anesthesia might hurt a bit.

The time taken for the surgery is about 30 minutes. It might take about 1 month to recover the skin color to normal, with initial healing of 14 days.

A single male removal surgery cost might be£275.


When the birthmark area is relatively small, or there are moles or skin warts in other parts of the body, and you want to remove them, using electricity to remove it might help, and that’s what electrocoagulation does. Though the technique is very simple, the doctor must be consulted beforehand.

The doctor might use local anesthesia, so you will not feel pain during the surgery. But yes, after the procedure, you might have some painful sensations, though not that much serious.

The doctor will use an electrocoagulator. It controls the frequency and the intensity of the electricity to be used in the treatment. The steel loop at the tip of the device heats up to necessary temperature and burns the mole area. It might take 15-20 minutes to finish the surgery. A crust is formed at the treated area that protects the inner skin. It automatically disappears some days after the treatment. You might have to use antiseptic on it while it’s still on.

In some cases like below, you should consider not doing electrocoagulation-

  • heart diseases
  • herpes of any form in the active stage
  • inflammations in the birth zone
  • blood diseases, low coagulation
  • individual allergy to anesthetics or intolerance to electroprocedures
  • keloid disease
  • acute infectious disease

Possible complications like infection and scarring may arise if things are not done in the right way. But whatever might be the condition, care must always be taken.

Mole removal surgery cost might be $130 to $360 depending on the mole size.


The price range might now always be the same in every part of the world. The article sought to provide a general idea in US dollar. Your country might have her own standards.